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Paipos, along with Alaias, were the wave riding craft of surfers in preeuropean contact Hawaii. Short, wide and fast, these bodyboards became the punk rock of surfing in the twentieth century. Surfers like Valentine Chang rode them standing up in the fifties. A surfing style of the distant future. Video footage of the big wave pioneers riding giant Waimea show locals flying past the haole heroes at twice their speed on little Paipos. Our Paipos come both finned (based on boards ridden by Valentine Chang) or finless.




The Bullet - Between 3'8" and 4'2", the Bullet's outline echoes the ancient Paipos. Designed to be ridden prone with the aid of swim fins, this is a fast and dynamic little bodyboard that is guaranteed to leave you grinning like a grom.


The Godfather - A short, wide, solid wood planing hull, the Godfather's design is based on the style of board ridden by the kind of guy in the type of waves that demand respect. Built purely for speed, check out any old footage at Waimea Bay and you will see them. Guys on similar boards flat lining across the faces of monster waves as stand up surfers hobble towards the channel. 4' is the average size they come in.


Dr. Strangelove - Born of a late night tryst between Jazz, sensimelia and a grinder. Dr. Strangelove is a tiny little, solid wood mini Simmons. A planing hull with twin keel fins and a pronounced kick in the nose to help making steep drops. Very steep ones. Super fun in junky little reforms and electrifying in anything jucier, Dr. Strangelove rides like a souped up skimboard with fins. Designed to be ridden standing up, we keep these boards really short. Between 3'8" and 5'9". Check out the legendary Valentine Ching on Vimeo, riding his little red paipo. The potential is endless.


Purple Haze - Using solid pieces of Himalayan timber, these boards are one off pieces. The name is attributed to the purple colour of this extra ordinary wood once sanded and oiled. Will leave you in a purple daze...