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If our Paipo boards are punk rock, then our Alaias are Miles Davis. Thin, flat rockered and sealed with oil, the Alaia is designed to be ridden primarily standup and on a rail. They glide with an unrestricted ease that modern surfboards cannot begin to compete with. Talk to anyone who has put the time into learning to ride one of these boards and you will find them waxing lyrical about the spiritual journey they have found themselves on. Unbelievably fun and entirely addictive, these boards transform days, which would otherwise be too small or weak, into adrenaline soaked, speed sessions.




Classic - With an outline that conjures up black and white images of Waikiki, the Classic Alaia is our take on the polished wooden blade that's been sliding aquatic apes shoreward for the last couple thousand years. At 15-and-half inches wide and between 6'-6'6" in length, the Classic is the board that will make you rethink the nature of pre-European contact surfing. "Speed provides the one genuinely modern pleasure", Aldous Huxley famously said. "This board with its ancient lines disproves that and shows that speed has always been fun.


Trigger - Parabolic railed swallow tail. Inspired by the triggerfish, we go a little wider in both the nose and the tail to facilitate paddling while retaining flex. Particularly in the tail through the deep swallow. We make these as small as 5'7", but for the average adult surfer we recommend riding boards between 6'4" and 6'6".


Trick - Inspired by the boards John Wegener has been building and Rob Machado has been ripping, the Trick is a performance board. It looks a little like a snowboard. It feels a little like a snowboard and are basically a trip to ride. These boards can also be ridden really short, 5'7" and up. The Wawa Trick Alaia is hyperactive in nature!


Needle - These boards are made for bigger waves. Longer than the Classic, Trigger and Trick, the Needle design is in inspired by the needlefish. Much like its fish counterpart, the Needle is elongated and narrow. More wood means more buoyancy and easier paddling. Sizes vary from 7' to 8'.


Fletcher Christian Model (sometimes referred to as 'The Jet') - It seems the first documented use of fins on surfboards comes from the Pitcairn Islanders end of the 18th century. Now you may not remember, but Pitcairn was populated by Fletcher Christian, his fellow mutineers and their Pacific Island girlfriends. Faced with the decision to sail home to the cold, damp joys of England or settle down with a local girl on the islands to a life of surfing, fishing and easy lovin'. The decision was obvious.


This surfboard model is our tribute to Fletcher Christian and the boys for having the balls to live the dream. A homage to the fusion of cultures born out of the freedom to make your own choices. This board has the outline of the Trigger with two low keel fins small enough not to interrupt the glide, but substantial enough to come into play when setting a line. 5'8"-6'6" in length.


Perfect for breaking speed limits at surfing spots like Supertubes in Jeffreys Bay and Elands Bay.


"The future is already here, it is just not evenly distributed" - William Gibson.