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Way out on the split ends of surfing's fringe, exists an anachronistic little wooden surfboard company where quality, respect for our roots and a belief in the sanctity of nature are cornerstones.


Here we build wooden surfboards that are inspired by the intuited hydronamic genius of the ancient Hawaiian board builders. Handcrafted, Wawa boards allow for a wave sliding experience that, until recently, lay buried in the dust of museums. A surfing experience of profound purity and unbridled, utterly gratuitous, fun.


Why wood? - When selecting wood, we look for a combination of lightness and durability. This requirement usually leads to various woods traditionally used for boat building. Sourcing mainly woods grown locally, our favourites are alien species such as Swamp Cypress, Pencil Cedar and Redwood. Offering the boards great flex, wood remains the most natural and beautiful of materials you can work with as a board shaper. Being very selective with the wood used for each board further drive products that reaches far beyond the bounds of mass production.